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Total Records: 47
MWCA:1st Grade - Clifton D Leake Shield
MWCA:2nd Grade - Lyle Pearce Shield
MWCA:3rd Grade - JD Durham Shield
MWCA:Mike Pawley Twenty20 Cup - 1st Grade
1 Punch, Michael0200
2 Duval, Andre0020
3 Peters, Aaron2000
4 Tipper, Daniel2000
5 Heffernan, Lucas Y1100
6 Callow, Samuel0200
7 Capp, Adrian2000
8 Meers, Mathew0010
9 McIlwraith, Damien2000
10 heffernan, paul0020
11 Osborne, Simon0200
12 Carruthers, Sam1000
13 Cannon, Kyle2000
14 Belger, Andrew0010
15 Kelly, Davin0200
16 Lemlin, Ben S0020
17 Forbes-Smith, Oliver2000
18 Downs, Jimmy0010
19 Burton, Andrew0200
20 Jacobs, Alexander S0020
21 Ryan, Ben2000
22 Hukins, Joshua0200
23 Edgell, Dominic M0020
24 Raymond, Nicholas0020
25 Risoldi, Raffaele0010
26 Campbell, Aidan0010
27 Callow, Anton0200
28 Cook, Benji0100
29 Norton, Mitchell0010
30 Youlten, Zachary2000
31 Straney, Sean0020
32 Evans, Matthew0100
33 Martin, Bill0010
34 Fehily, Corey1000
35 Rota, Glen0200
36 Watts, Luke0020
37 Campbell, Aiden0010
38 Phielix, Willem0100
39 Russell, Zander0100
40 Ferreira, Dan1000
41 George, Reuben0100
42 Dessaix, Phil0100
43 Cooper, Amin0100
44 Reidy, Scott0010
45 Gibbons, Nathan0010
46 Byrne, Sam2000
47 Maxwell, Jesse0100
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Total Records: 47


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.